The band

Marc Geonet

Marc adds flutes, guitars, and bagpipes to Cromlec'h's melodies. He's a huge fan of all musical genres, though he has a soft spot for traditional musics from the North. They inspire him for the compositions he brings to the band. "To be constantly musically alert and curious" could be his motto, because in every music lies a good experience to discover.

Evelaine Cobut

Graduated from the Royal Brussels Conservatory in violon and chamber music, and former member of the Belgian National Orchestra, the Vlaamse Opera and Vlaams Radio Orkest, Evelaine has also played in a great number of classic, jazz, oriental and folk music projects, through Belgian and European tours. She expanded her experience through the recording of several CD's, and she is now a violon and piano teacher, and animates workshops for the Jeunesses Musicales of the Brabant Wallon. She is the newest member of the band.

Bastien Gorissen

Bastien is a musician with itchy feet : from an erhu to guitars, from percussions to a saz, he's hard to pin down to one instrument. Like all the other members of the band, he's a huge folk fan, but he also loves to fill his ears of all kinds of music, equally liking post-rock and electronic music. Elsewhere, he also composes music for video games, which remain one of his greatest passions.

Pascale Gorissen

Since as far as she can remember, Pascale has always loved singing. Throughout the years, she has been gaining experience in classical and choir singing, but has always had a particular love for pop-rock, trip-hop and, of course, folk music. Being a graduate in English and French literature, she has also a deep interest in all things written, and provided lyrics for some of the band's original songs. From time to time, she likes to play with watercolors, and was therefore responsible for Cromlec'h's first CD cover.